Usage/Application: Wall Putty, Tile Adhesive, Mortar

Packaging Size 25 Kg
Color White
Packaging Type Bag
State/Form Powder

Product Description

Sodium Gluconate, also known as Sodium Salt of Gluconic Acid, is produced under strictly controlled condition by fermenting glucose. It is a white crystalline powder and easily soluble in water.

Sodium Gluconate is completely safe for use as it is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-flammable. Besides this, Sodium Gluconate construction compound is environment-friendly as it is biodegradable.

The Sodium Gluconate is a chelating compound and prevents its ions from reacting chemically with others. Sodium Gluconate is highly functional for giving smoothness to concrete surfaces. It does this by delaying the initial and final setting time, thus effectively forming stronger concrete. This is extremely useful to prevent hydration of cement in the initial setting stage, and slow down overall setting time of the mix. Essentially, Sodium Gluconate improves the durability of concrete, and prevents water bleeding.

Applications of Sodium Gluconate

Sodium Gluconate is commonly used in the construction industry as:

  • Setting time retarder
  • Concrete admixture
  • Slurry additive

Additional information

Weight 25 kg