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  • ADDAGE AAC Block Hardener

    Brand Addage
    Form Liquid
    Usage/Application AAC Blocks
    Packaging Size 250 Kg & 60 Kg
    Packaging Type Barrel, Can
    Grade Standard Technical Grade
    Minimum Order Quantity 60 Kg

    Product Description

    Addage Block Hardener by Sakshi Chem Sciences Pvt. Ltd. is an admixture for Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) blocks. It offers higher water repelling properties and accelerates the hardening process for AAC blocks, as well as concrete.

    Block Hardener by Addage also strengthens AAC blocks by making them waterproof, denser and ensuring the concrete blocks are lightweight. Additionally, the block hardener provides extensive strength and durability to the concrete blocks.

    Addage Block Hardener from Sakshi Chem Sciences helps enhance the functionality of hardened blocks, making it an incredibly effective strengthener. It also helps with reducing overall water consumption for manufacturing AAC and concrete hardened blocks. The product also enhances bonding strength of the surfaces. Besides this, it also helps to prevent cracking by removing big air bubbles and avoiding shrinkage.

    Applications of Addage Block Hardener

    Addage Block Hardener have several significant applications, including being used for –

    • AAC block strengthening

    Brand Addage
    Form Liquid
    Usage/Application AAC Blocks
    Packaging Size 210 Lt & 50 Lt
    Packaging Type Barrel & Can
    Grade Standard Technical Grade
    Minimum Order Quantity 50 Lt

    Product Description

    Soluble oil play important role in controlling rate of reactions between various ingredient like lime, silica, cement from fly ash etc. to meet the growing demands of today and future for ever evolving construction industry.

    ADDAGE BONDCOTE 700 SO is a liquid admixture miscible in water and designed to suit the different quality of fly ash. As the carbon content in the flyash disturm the rising of the slurry and pore size, hence the strength.

    Soluble oil also contains mixture of some polymer to enhance Strength of cell walls at wet stage inside the mass during reaction between water and metal Powder as well as liberation of H2 gas by increasing the surface tension of mass.

    Surface tension plays a very important role as barrier in mould shrinkage as impurities like High carbon in fly ash affects the rate of reaction between various reactants.

    Application of Addage BONDCOTE 700 SO (Soluble Oil)

    The Addage BONDCOTE 700 SO (Soluble Oil) is a mould release agent highly useful in:

    • Manufacturing lightweight Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) blocks

AAC Block Hardener

AAC block hardener, also known as AAC Block Bonding Chemical, is a revolutionary solution transforming the AAC blocks industry.

Specifically designed for Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) blocks, this hardener ensures superior bonding, durability, and strength in construction projects. Its versatile application includes being a hardener for paver blocks, enhancing their performance and longevity.

AAC block hardener can significantly improve the durability of blocks, resulting in sturdy structures resistant to various environmental factors.

This chemical formulation ensures efficient strength of blocks which reduces the risk of displacement or damage over time. Moreover, it enhances the load-bearing capacity of structures, making them ideal for both residential and commercial buildings.

An AAC block hardener simplifies the blocks construction processes by reducing time and labor costs. Its easy application allows for quicker completion without compromising quality.

Whether used as a paver block hardener or AAC block hardener, this innovative solution guarantees reliable performance and long-lasting results. This is what makes it a preferred choice for modern construction projects.