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    Packaging Size 25 Kg
    Color White
    Packaging Type Bag
    Brand Addage
    Usage/Application Wall  Putty
    State/Form Powder

    Product Description

    Addage AKULPOL 9192 is a high-quality Redispersible Polymer Powder. It has excellent adhesion strength, combined with good tensile power. It can bond easily with a variety of inorganic surfaces and provides comprehensive functionality.

    AKULPOL 9192 is a white-colored free-flowing powder. It is made by spray-drying dispersed polymer particles. When it is added to water, the condensed polymer particles disintegrate and become dispersible once more. It is basically a latex emulsion and forms a fine film on the surface on drying. This polymer film enhances adhesion and elasticity. You can also add water to some types of RDP powders to give the mortar hydrophobic properties and make it resistant to water damage.

    RDP products are classified into different types:

    • Medium elastic-standard adhesion
    • Rigid-high adhesion
    • Highly elastic-low adhesion

    Application of Addage AKULPOL 9192

    Addage AKULPOL 9192 is highly useful for:

    • Wall Putty
    • Joint mortars
    • Building binders
    • Construction adhesives
    • External wall putty
    • Cracks Filling

    Packaging Size 25 kg
    Brand Addage
    State/Form Powder
    Color White
    Packaging Type Bag
    Usage/Application Tile Adhesive, Tile Grout,

    Block Joining Mortar

    Product Description

    Addage AKULPOL 3032 Redispersible Polymer Powder is a co-polymer powder highly sought after for strong and durable construction.

    AKULPOL 3032 by Addage is designed to provide outstanding tensile strength and excellent adhesion to most inorganic surfaces. It is a multipurpose product and has versatile uses. It is easily dispersible in water and provides complete resistance to saponification reactions.

    Mortar mixed with Addage AKULPOL 3032 RDP have stronger adhesion. It gives additional flexibility but is resistant to bending and deformity. Besides, AKULPOL 3032 RDP is designed to be completely abrasion resistant, and easier to process.

    AKULPOL 3032 RDP does not affect water retention capabilities, leveling, and thickness of the mix. It is commonly used in addition with other mortar additives to enhance particular properties of the mix.

    Application of Addage AKULPOL 3032

    Addage AKULPOL 3032 RDP is highly useful for:

    • Masonry mortar
    • Tile grouts
    • Tile adhesives
    • Plaster / Stucco / Renders

    Usage Wall Putty
    Packaging Type Bag
    Packaging Size 25 Kg
    State/Form Powder
    Brand Addage
    Minimum order quantity 25 Kg

    Product Description of Addage 1112 (for Waterproof Wall Putty)

    Addage AKULPOL 1112 (Waterproof RD Powder) is a waterproof Redispersible Polymer Powder. It is made to provide excellent adhesion to different surfaces, and has exceptional tensile strength.

    AKULPOL 1112 (Waterproof RD Powder) is a co-polymer powder, and easy to disperse in water. It is designed to prevent saponification reactions and keep concrete surfaces smooth and strong. When mixed with AKULPOL 1112 (Waterproof RDP) construction compounds get stronger adhesion and flexibility. The product is highly resistant to abrasion, which also prevents deformities from bending. This product is normally added to other mortar additives to enhance particular functions.

    AKULPOL 1112 (Waterproof RD Powder) has a fine mineral filler which acts as an anti-blocking agent. You don’t need to add other film-forming agents, plasticizers, or organic solvents for this.

    Application of Addage AKULPOL 1112

    Addage AKULPOL 1112 (waterproof RDP) is useful for multiple purposes, such as:

    • Wall putty
    • Tile grouts
    • Tile adhesives
    • Plasters / Stucco / Renders

Redispersible Polymer Powder

Redispersible polymer powder, or RDP in short, is a special compound used widely in various types of construction projects.

There various RD Powder uses are focused on enhancing the properties of mortar, such as elasticity, tensile strength, waterproof film formation, etc. RDP price is low which makes it more affordable than others.

Sakshi Chem Sciences, the leading RD Powder manufacturer in India offers a wide range of products, including RD Powder for Wall Putty, RD Powder for Waterproof Wall Putty and RD Powder for Tile Adhesives. Always buy from only the most trusted RDP supplier for the most satisfactory results.

RDP is added to mortar, cement and coatings to enhance their bonding strength, flexibility and resistance to cracking and to achieve superior results.