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  • Micro Silica Powder ( Fumecrete 90 )

    Brand Addage
    Form Powder
    Usage/Application Commercial
    Packaging Size 25 Kg
    Packaging Type Bag
    Grade Standard Technical Grade
    Minimum Order Quantity 25 KG

    Product Description of Micro Silica Powder

    Fumecrete 90 is a form of micro silica powder designed to boost the quality of concrete. It helps to increase the flexural, bonding, and compressive strength of concrete.

    It also acts as a Corrosion Inhibitor and enhances the life of concrete structures by reinforcing against damage from corrosive effects. Besides this, Fumecrete 90 also improves overall concrete quality by minimizing the risk of Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR), more commonly known as “Concrete Cancer”.

    Fumecrete 90 Micro Silica powder by Sakshi Chem Sciences Pvt Ltd is a mineral admixture made from very fine sold glassy spheres made of Silicon Dioxide (SiO2). It is a fine amorphous silica whose particles are almost 100 times smaller than the average particles of fly ash and cement.

    The Fumecrete 90 Micro Silica offers greater strength to the concrete, provides better dispersion to the concrete, and improves the rheology of the concrete by reducing its water-binder ratio.

    Application of FUMECRETE 90 (Micro Silica Powder)
    Fumecrete 90 Micro Silica by Sakshi Chem Sciences is useful for the following purposes –

    • Resistance to ASR (Alkali-Silica Reaction) / Concrete Cancer
    • Inhibit corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete
    • Give higher flexural, bonding, and compressive strength to concrete

    Brand Addage
    Form Liquid
    Usage/Application Commercial
    Packaging Size 20 Kg
    Packaging Type Bucket
    Grade Standard Technical Grade
    Minimum Order Quantity 20 KG

    Product Description

    Addage Bonding Agent is a strong concrete bonding agent. It is developed as a primer for cementing repairs. Its unique single product formula gives strong mechanical and chemical bonds. This lets you save time and effort otherwise required for preparing surface for strong bond between plaster and substrate.

    Bonding Agent by Addage is specially designed as a plaster bonding agent useful for pre- treatment of smooth surfaces. This makes it efficient for use with old and new concrete structures equally well. The bonding agent does not require you to cure or treat surface before applying. It contains fine aggregate particles that give excellent mechanical bond. This bonding agent is widely used as a curing membrane.

    Application of Addage Bonding Agent

    Addage Bonding Agent is most commonly used for:

    • Cohesion between RCC, concrete and other flat surfaces
    • Quick drying
    • Precise composition
    • Enhancing purity
    • Improving tensile strength
    • Enhancing compressive strength
    • Retain bond strength for longer

    More About Bonding Agent

    In the construction industry, a bonding agent is indispensable. Whether it’s for bonding new concrete to old, fortifying mortar, or reinforcing masonry, a reliable concrete bonding agent is vital.

    A concrete bonding agent is the glue that binds two surfaces in a construction project to ensure structural integrity and durability. Its versatility covers various applications, from simple repairs to large-scale buildings, which makes it crucial in modern constructions.

    Also called plaster bonding agent, it is commonly used in concrete repair. When dealing with cracks or deteriorated surfaces, applying the best concrete bonding agent can rejuvenate the structure, effectively bridging the gaps and restoring strength. It is also used as concrete to concrete bonding agent. This not only enhances safety but also prolongs the lifespan of the concrete.

    Moreover, a cement bonding agent for concrete repair is equally adept at ensuring adhesion between different materials. Whether it’s bonding new concrete to old or adhering cement plaster, the right bonding agent ensures a seamless union, eliminating weak points and potential failure zones.

    In addition to its bonding properties, construction bonding agent offers several other advantages. They enhance the overall bond strength, resist moisture penetration, and mitigate the risk of detachment. Furthermore, these agents often improve workability and reduce the likelihood of shrinkage cracks, enhancing the aesthetics and longevity of the structure.

    For construction, factors such as substrate compatibility, environmental conditions, and application method must be considered to achieve optimal results. A concrete bonding agent is for excellent adhesion and exceptional construction integrity. It is also widely used as mortar bonding agent, or masonry bonding agent.


    Brand Addage
    Form Powder
    Usage/Application Industrial
    Packaging Size 200 Gram
    Packaging Type Pouch
    Grade Standard Industrial Grade
    Minimum Order Quantity 1 KG

    Pumping Aid Product Description

    Addage Pumping Aid by Sakshi Chem Sciences is a highly versatile concrete pumping powder. It comes in a ready-to-use water soluble powder and can effectively replace conventional cement grout slurries.

    Pumping Aid by Sakshi Chem Sciences is an extremely affordable construction chemical compound, as compared to primer or cement-based slurries. It is highly compatible with all types of concrete materials and does not contain calcium chloride or other hazardous substances.

    Addage Pumping Aid eliminates the need for cement or any priming material. It is the easiest way for pump priming and reduces the total horsepower required for pumping conventionally. It also increases the range and ease of pumping cement slurries, which also helps to lower the overall cost of priming pumps. Besides, Addage Pumping Aid by Sakshi Chem Sciences is made from environmentally safe substances.

    Applications of Addage Pumping Aid

    Addage Pumping Aid by Sakshi Chem Sciences is widely used for –

    • Easy pump priming
    • Increasing pumping range
    • Reducing priming costs
  • Addage Grout 22

    Brand Addage
    Form Powder
    Usage/Application Commercial
    Packaging Size 40 Kg
    Packaging Type Bag
    Grade Standard Technical Grade
    Minimum Order Quantity 40 Kg

    Product Description

    Addage Grout 22 by Sakshi Chem Sciences is designed to produce non-shrink free-flowing grout when mixed with water. It is a perfect blend of graded fillers, chemical additives and Portland cement. The components of Addage Grout 22 provide controlled expansion in the fluid state and lower water consumption too.

    Grout 22 by Addage ensures higher early strength, while the graded fillers help in uniform mixing to produce consistency in the grout. It is designed for use in precision grouting where the concrete surface is being constructed to bear heavy static and dynamic loads.

    Addage Grout 22 by Sakshi Chem Sciences is best used by adding the appropriate quantity of clean water to achieve the desired consistency.

    Applications of Addage Grout 22

    Addage Grout 22 by Sakshi Chem Sciences is widely used for –

    • Precision grouting
    • Grouting base plates (compressors, turbines, etc.)
    • Withstand static and dynamic loads
    • Anchoring various fixings (anchor-bolts, masts, fence posts, etc.)

    Addage Grout 22 – Precision Grouting

    Precision grouting is a crucial part in the construction process that often gets overlooked, yet its benefits are undeniable. Grout is a form of mortar which is typically a mixture of cement, water, and sometimes sand.

    Addage Grout 22 is a grouting material serves multiple purposes, such as filling the gaps, cracks and voids. It is mainly used to provide structural support by securing structural components in place. Precision grouting material prevents structures from shifting or cracking over time. Additionally, grout enhances the aesthetic appeal of surfaces by creating a clean, finished look.

    Addage Grout 22 mostly used for precision grouting, including non shrink precision grout, is a specialized grouting material that offers unparalleled strength and durability. This ensures higher stress endurance and maintains the aesthetics of structures.

    In addition, the grout bonding agent is useful in a wide range of concrete repairing applications, such as reinforcing structural integrity, enhancing appearance, and prolonging the lifespan of concrete structures.


    Brand Addage
    Form Semi-Fluid
    Usage/Application Commercial
    Packaging Size 250 Kg and 60 Kg
    Packaging Type Barrel & Can
    Grade Standard Technical Grade
    Minimum Order Quantity 60 KG

    Shuttering Grease Product Description

    Addage Shuttering Grease by Sakshi Chem Sciences is a semi-fluid construction chemical compound. This high-quality compound contains a thickener, a fluid lubricant and select additives.

    Shuttering Grease by Addage is designed to maintain contact with and lubricate moving surfaces while preventing leakage. It also offers better start-stop performance, especially when the system retains cement within it. The product comes in a ready to use mixture and does not require additional stirring or mixing before being used.

    Addage Shuttering Grease works successfully in different environmental conditions. It has excellent resistance to oxidation, which helps to retain the lubrication longer. It effectively protects the formwork from corrosion and rust.

    Applications of Addage Shuttering Grease

    Addage Shuttering Grease by Sakshi Chem Sciences is widely used with –

    • S. Formwork
    • Aluminum mould
    • Engineering formwork
    • Pre-cast moulds

New Range of Products in Construction Chemicals

We recently included new range of products in our catalogue. The new range of products include bonding agent, slurry pouch, precision grouting, shuttering grease.