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    Brand Addage
    Form Powder
    Packaging Size 25 Kg
    Packaging Type Bag
    Minimum Order Quantity 25 Kg

    Product Description – Supercon (Powder)

    Addage Supercon (Powder) is an excellent high-quality setting hardener for all types of concrete.

    Addage Supercon in powder form is fast setting but gives early strength to the concrete during setting. It allows early removal of mould, which increases production and gives the concrete surface an incredibly smooth surface finish. Supercon Powder by Addage is highly helpful in saving moulding time, labor and material costs.

    It comes in a powdered form and is readily mixable with water. The product is designed for plasticizing by completely dehydrating the cement and providing it with superior strength. It also helps save production cost by preventing wastage due to breaking of precast factors.

    Supercon Powder by Addage can be directly mixed with water and then added to the dry mix. It is advisable to add Supercon powder at the time of mixing cement and fly ash slurry for best results.

    Application of Addage Supercon Granules

    Addage Supercon (Powder) is highly used for quick setting all types of cements.


    Brand Addage
    Form Liquid
    Packaging Size 60 Kg & 250 Kg
    Packaging Type Can, Barrel
    Minimum Order Quantity 60 Kg

    Product Description

    Addage Super Con (Liquid) is specially designed as a fast hardening additive compound for concrete. It comes is a liquid form, which makes it incredibly easy to use on site without much preparation.

    Addage Super Con Liquid is used by simply mixing with water in the correct proportion. It should be mixed before adding to the dry mix, at the time of mixing cement and fly ash slurry.

    Super Con Liquid by Addage has several distinct advantages. For instance, Super Con Liquid enables plasticizing which helps to complete hydrate the cement, thus effectively achieving optimal strength. This product also helps to reduce production and maintenance cost of precast elements, by lowering wastage due to breaking. In addition, Addage Super Con is made for use with all types of cements.

    Application of Addage Super Con (Liquid)

    The Addage Super Con (Liquid) product is commonly used for:

    • Early strength
    • Quick setting
    • Smooth finish
    • Early de-moulding
    • Increase production

    Brand Addage
    Form Liquid
    Packaging Size 60 Kg & 250Kg
    Packaging Type Can, Barrel
    Minimum Order Quantity 60 Kg

    Product Description

    Addage Supercon Plus is a superior quality setting hardener for different types of cement and concrete products. Addage Supercon Plus comes in a liquid, ready-to-use form and gives incredible strength to concrete surfaces and products during the hardening stage.

    Addage Supercon Plus by Sakshi Chem Sciences lets you remove the mould earlier which enhances the overall production capacity. It also makes the treated surface significantly harder as well as gives concrete surfaces a noticeably smooth finish.

    Supercon Plus from Addage is extremely beneficial to save mould/hardening time, material costs and labour charges. It comes in an easy-to-use liquid form which is quickly mixed with water. Supercon Plus is a superior plasticizing agent that completely dehydrates the cement to give it superior strength. Besides, Supercon Plus also helps save significantly during production by preventing water wastage and product wastage due to breaking.

    Application of Addage Supercon Plus

    Addage Supercon Plus is widely used for quickening hardening of all types of cements.


    Brand Addage
    Form Liquid
    Uses Construction
    Packaging Size 60 Kg, 250Kg
    Packaging Type Can, Barrel
    Minimum Order Quantity 60 Kg

    Product Description

    Addage Set Fast is a superior quality fast hardening compound for concrete by Sakshi Chem Sciences Pvt. Ltd. It is a liquid which is designed to be fast-acting and is a widely used setting hardener for concrete. It comes packed in a ready-to-use liquid form.

    Set Fast by Addage has numerous significant advantages. For instance, using Set Fast hardening compound helps save on material, moulding time and labor. The product’s plasticizing actions helps to completely hydrate cement, which helps to ensure optimal strength with every use.

    Addage Set Fast from Sakshi Chem Sciences also helps avoid wastage while producing pre-cast products. This, in turn, helps to reduce production costs significantly. In addition, Addage Set Fast is designed to quickly harden all types of cement.

    Applications of Addage Set Fast –

    The Addage Set Fast hardening compound is highly recommended for –

    • Early strength
    • Fast setting
    • Good finish
    • Early de-moulding
    • Increasing production

Concrete Hardener

In construction and civil engineering “Concrete Hardener” is the top choice for fortification of structures. Whether used as powder, liquid, or chemical admixture, it enhances the resilience of cement concrete significantly.

Concrete hardener powder, when mixed with water, forms a potent solution. This solution easily seeps into the concrete and enhances its density and durability. This cement concrete hardener prevents surface wear, erosion, and cracking, thereby extending the lifespan of structures.

Similarly, cement hardener liquid penetrates deep into the concrete matrix, reacting with calcium hydroxide to produce calcium silicate hydrate. It is the same compound responsible for concrete’s strength. This reinforces the concrete from within, making it resistant to abrasion, chemical attacks, and freeze-thaw cycles.

The versatile concrete hardener chemical allows for customizing constructions to meet specific project requirements. By adjusting the dosage and composition, engineers can fine-tune the concrete’s properties, ensuring optimal performance in diverse environments.

The application of concrete hardener admixture strengthens the material and improves workability, while reducing water permeability. This dual functionality streamlines construction processes while fortifying structures against the elements.

For concrete surfaces subjected to heavy traffic or harsh conditions, investing in the best concrete surface hardener is important. It transforms ordinary concrete into a strong barrier which is capable of withstanding frequent and prolonged use.

The role of concrete hardener liquid in fortifying structures cannot be overstated. The best concrete hardener can enhance durability, strength, and resilience which makes it an indispensable asset in modern construction practices.