Packaging Size 25 Kg
Color White
Packaging Type Bag
Brand Addage
Usage/Application Wall putty/ skim coat, Tile adhesive
State/Form Powder

Product Description of Cellulose Fibers

Sakshi Chem Sciences Pvt. Ltd. Cellulose Fiber are hydrophilic fibers. These can successfully retain their weight in water and mostly used with concrete. Cellulose Fibers provide concrete mixes with gradual dehydration which makes the concrete/cement stronger.

Cellulose fibers by Sakshi Chem Sciences gradually release water within the concrete even after it has hardened. This is highly necessary during the early phases of curing and ensures complete hydration of the concrete compound.

Sakshi Chem Sciences’ cellulose fibers prevent micro-cracking and reduce shrinkage. Their water retention abilities provide excellent internal self-curing which enhances the concrete’s workability and ensures ample coverage. These cellulose fibers by Sakshi Chem Sciences have  along open time, which also make them the top choice of builders worldwide for strong and durable construction.

Applications of Cellulose Fiber

Sakshi Chem Sciences Cellulose Fiber is mostly used for –

  • Joint filling compound
  • Tile adhesive
  • Wall putty
  • Skim coat
  • Stucco/Plaster

Additional information

Weight 25 kg