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    Brand Addage
    Form Powder
    Usage/Application Commercial
    Packaging Size 25 KG
    Packaging Type Bag
    Grade Standard Technical Grade
    Minimum Order Quantity 25 KG

    Product Description of WPC POWDER

    Addage WPC (Powder) is an efficient additive for concrete and mortar to get integral waterproofing properties. It comes in a fine white powder form and is ready for use with different types of concrete and mortar-cement mixes.

    Addage WPC (Powder) is a conventional concrete admixture that fills natural pores on concrete surfaces and its inner matrix. This help to reduce porosity and improve waterproofing. This product is highly useful in performing concrete repair and construction products.

    Addage WPC (Powder) is easy to use with sand/cement mortar where reduced permeability is desired. It is also useful for the same purpose with concrete mixes too. Overall, Addage WPC (Powder) is easy to use and can be directly used on site. It adheres to the latest waterproofing chemical quality standards and provides excellent workability.

    Application of Addage WPC (Powder)

    The Addage WPC (Powder) is designed to provide excellent waterproofing properties to:

    • External plaster
    • Concrete mixes
    • Plastering of roof
    • Balcony Screeds
    • platering of basement and tanks
  • ADDAGE WPC Liquid

    Brand Addage
    Form Liquid
    Usage/Application Commercial
    Packaging Size 220 Kg & 50 Kg
    Packaging Type Barrel & Can
    Grade Standard Technical Grade
    Minimum Order Quantity 50 KG

    Product Description of WPC Liquid
    Addage WPC (Liquid) is an integral liquid waterproofing liquid admixture. It is highly recommended for use where dense concrete quality is desired, without changing the basic structural properties of the concrete.

    Addage WPC (Liquid) is an easy to use, chloride-free waterproofing admixture chemical compound that improves the overall water-resistant properties of concrete.

    Addage WPC to contract capillaries & receive dense concrete quality so that ingress tendency through it could be reduced without altering the basic structural properties, use of Addage waterproofing chemical liquid, integral liquid waterproofing admixture is recommended.

    Addage WPC Liquid is single component, easy to use, chloride free, waterproofing compound the admixing of which enhances waterproof qualities of concrete.

    Application of Addage WPC (Liquid)

    The Addage WPC (Liquid) is widely used for various concreting where the main requirement is to create waterproof surfaces, such as for:

    • Roof slabs
    • Canopies
    • Return air trenches
    • Water retaining structures
    • Humidification tunnels
    • Basements
    • Swimming polls
    • Storage tanks
    • Defence structure
    • Sanitary structures

    Brand Addage
    Form Liquid
    Usage/Application Commercial
    Packaging Size 50 Kg
    Packaging Type Can
    Grade Standard Technical Grade
    Minimum Order Quantity 50 KG

    Product Description of ADDCRETE

    Addage BONDCOTE E (Add Crete) is a co-polymer single component admixture designed to improve the qualities of cementitious surfaces. It can be easily used with all types of cements and enhances their adhesive properties remarkably. It also improves the cement’s flexibility as well as impact and compression strength.

    BONDCOTE E (Add Crete) by Addage can be coated to improve the thin section fragility of cement. Besides this, BONDCOTE E by Addage is also excellent for water-proofing, repair rehabilitation, surface protection, floor topping, and bonding different types of cementitious materials together.

    Application of Addage BONDCOTE E (Add Crete)

    Addage BONDCOTE E (Add Crete) is a versatile construction solution and is highly useful in the following:

    • Swimming pools
    • Water tanks
    • Septic tanks
    • Lift pits
    • Internal/external plastered surfaces
    • Bridge decks
    • Traffic aprons
    • Runways
    • Parking garages
    • Industrial floors
    • Pools
    • Foundations
    • Sewers
    • Silos

Waterproofing Chemical

Waterproofing chemicals are vital for preserving buildings against water damage, which ensures the structure’s durability and physical integrity. When it comes to protecting terrace and exterior surfaces, choosing the best waterproofing chemical for roof is paramount.

The market offers a wide variety of options, many claiming to be the best waterproofing chemical for terrace and roof applications.

Concrete waterproofing additives are essential components for enhancing the water resistance of concrete buildings. These additives act as a barrier which prevents water infiltration and potential damage.

Using a high-quality concrete waterproofing additive not only strengthens the concrete but also prolongs its lifespan. This helps to reduce significant maintenance costs in the long run.

These products are also used as mortar waterproofing additives in various types of construction projects. These additives enhance the mortar’s resistance to water penetration, which prevents deterioration and ensures long-lasting durability.

Water repellent chemicals are also important products in the waterproofing industry. These chemicals create a protective barrier on surfaces which repels water and prevents moisture-related problems.

Before selecting waterproofing products for concrete, it’s essential to consider factors like durability, ease of application, and effectiveness.

A reliable waterproofing concrete admixture should enhance the concrete’s waterproofing properties and offer significant protection against water damage.

Additionally, waterproof adhesive sprays and compounds are ideal for specific waterproofing needs. They provide added protection in areas prone to water damage.

Investing in high-quality waterproofing chemicals is crucial for maintaining the integrity of structures. Choosing the right waterproofing compound for concrete ensures long-lasting protection against water damage and extends the lifespan of the structure.