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    Form Powder
    Packaging Size 25 Kg
    Packaging Type Bag
    Minimum Order Quantity 25 Kg

    Product Description of PCE Powder

    PCE Powder by Sakshi Chem Sciences is a polycarboxylic ether based super-plasticizer. It has a special molecular structure that helps to lower the water content during concrete production. This product is suitable for use with mortar and concrete, and especially for manufacturing cement with high strength and high-flow ability.

    PCE Powder provides excellent initial hardening. It offers exceptional slump retention, which is extremely useful for highly-fluid cement. Its unique plasticizing effects ensure that the concrete or mortar becomes highly durable after drying.

    Sakshi Chem Sciences PCE Powder gives longer durability to mortar containing specialized cement. It has a higher water reducing rate, excellent solubility. Apart from this, PCE Powder is environmentally friendly and extremely cost-effective too as compared to similar products in the market.

    Applications of PCE Powder

    PCE Powder is mostly used for –

    • High compatibility with other construction purposes
    • On-site or ready-mix civil construction
    • Self-compacting concrete
    • Early strengthener
    • High strength and high durability concrete

    Brand Addage
    Form Liquid
    Uses Construction
    Packaging Size 50 Kg & 200 Kg
    Packaging Type Can & Barrel
    Minimum Order Quantity 50 Kg

    Product Description of PLAST PCE 811

    Addage Plast PCE 811 is a high range water reducing, high early strength super-plasticizing admixture for producing pre-case concrete. The product is designed to increase the fluidity or plasticity of concrete and to enhance its compressive strength at the same time.

    Plast PCE 811 by Addage from Sakshi Chem Sciences provides better fluidity to concrete without needing much water content and helps achieve high early strength. It produces rheodynamic and rheoplastic concretes with low water-to-cement ratio.

    Sakshi Chem Science’s Addage Plast PCE 811 Plasticizer reduces cycle time which results in increased production. It improves surface appearance which gives durable pre-cast concrete products. Using Plast PCE 811 helps provide excellent early strength and workability to concrete by reducing its water consumption.

    Applications of Addage Plast PCE 811

    Addage Plast PCE 811 is widely used in –

    • Low water content concrete production
    • Transporting ready mix concrete
    • Highly elastic and strong concrete production
    • Enhancing durability of concrete
    • Producing pumpable concrete

    Brand Addage
    Form Liquid
    Uses Construction
    Packaging Size 60 Kg, 250 Kg
    Packaging Type Can, Barrel
    Minimum Order Quantity 60 Kg

    Product Description

    The Addage PLAST PCE 816 is a unique high early strength, high level water reducing super-plasticizing precast concrete admixture. It is most useful for enhancing the fluidity and overall strength of concrete.

    Addage PLAST PCE 816 is an advanced Polycarboxylic Ether (PCE) which is renowned for its ability to quickly and significantly reduce water content in concrete admixtures. This not only helps to make the concrete more workable, but also provides it with around 20%-30% additional strength.

    PLAST PCE 816 by Addage helps optimize curing cycles by decreasing curing time or temperature, this eliminating heat curing.

    Application of Addage PLAST PCE 816

    Addage PLAST PCE 816 is a new-gen concrete admixture and is widely used for:

    • Producing precast concrete items (Super-workable, Rheoplastic, etc.)
    • Fast mixing during transport
    • Low water content concrete
    • High elasticity and strength concrete
    • Cold weather concreting
    • High fluidity concrete mix
    • Enhancing durability of concrete

    Brand Addage
    Form Liquid
    Uses Construction
    Packaging Size 50 Kg & 200 Kg
    Packaging Type Can & Barrel
    Minimum Order Quantity 50 Kg

    Product Description of PLAST PCE 850

    Addage PLAST PCE 850 is an advanced admixture by the renowned brand. It is basically a high level water reducing and high early strength inducing super-plasticizing admixture specially developed to create strong and durable precast concrete surfaces.

    PLAST PCE 850 by Addage is the next-gen product in its wide range of Polycarboxylic Ether (PCE) product portfolio. It effectively lowers water level in concrete and enhances its overall strength by 20%-30%.

    Addage PLAST PCE 850 also provides high early strength. It is useful to get consistency in the fluidity and strength of concrete admixtures used in various precast applications. The concrete thus produced is self-compacting without the need of conventional vibration technique for setting.

    Application of Addage PLAST PCE 850

    Addage PLAST PCE 850 is highly useful for making:

    • Low water content concrete
    • Ready mix for fast-mixing concrete during transportation
    • High elastic and enhanced strength concrete
    • Highly strong yet workable concrete
    • Enhanced durability concrete

Superplasticizer Admixture

Superplasticizer admixture is a crucial innovation in the construction industry, and highly useful for enhancing the performance and workability of concrete.

These admixtures are added to concrete to significantly increase its fluidity and workability without compromising its strength. By reducing the water content required, superplasticizers ensure a higher strength and durability in the final product.

The best superplasticizer for concrete varies depending on the specific application and desired properties. One of the most popular types is polycarboxylate ether superplasticizer (PCE superplasticizer).

PCE based superplasticizers are known for their high efficiency in reducing water content while maintaining excellent flow properties. This makes them an ideal choice for high-performance concrete.

Superplasticizer in concrete improves its workability, making it easier to place and finish. This is particularly beneficial in complex structures with dense reinforcement. Superplasticizer admixture for concrete can also extend the setting time, which is advantageous in hot weather conditions or when long-distance transportation of the concrete is required.

Polycarboxylate admixture is an advanced superplasticizer additive that offers superior performance compared to traditional types. PCE polycarboxylate superplasticizers, for example, provide better slump retention and are less sensitive to variations in temperature. This results in a more consistent and reliable concrete mix.

There are also other types of superplasticizers, such as melamine based superplasticizer and naphthalene based superplasticizer. Melamine sulfonate superplasticizer and naphthalene sulfonate superplasticizer have been used historically for their effectiveness in reducing water content and improving workability. However, PCE based superplasticizer is preferred over others due to its enhanced performance and environmental benefits.

The advantages of using super plasticizer and super plasticizer admixtures are manifold. They not only improve the workability of concrete but also enhance its mechanical properties.

By reducing the water-cement ratio, they contribute to higher compressive strengths and increased durability. Concrete additive water reducer superplasticizer also helps in achieving a smoother surface finish and reduces the risk of cracking.

The use of cement superplasticizer, including the latest polycarboxylate based superplasticizer and polycarboxylate concrete admixture represent a significant advancement in concrete technology.

Whether it’s for high-rise buildings, bridges, or precast elements, these superplasticizer additives ensure the production of high-quality, durable concrete. As the construction industry continues to evolve, the demand for effective concrete superplasticizer additive will undoubtedly grow, cementing their place as indispensable components in modern construction.