Hydroxypropyl Starch Ether (HPS)

Packaging Size 25kg
Color White
Packaging Type Bag
Usage/Application Wall Putty
State/Form Powder

Product Description of Hydroxypropyl Starch Ether

Hydroxypropyl Starch Ether (HPS) works similar to Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (HPMC). When mixed with other constructive additives, it gives gypsum and cement based products several distinctly beneficial properties.

Hydroxypropyl Starch Ether (HPS) can be used sparsely and yet achieve the desired results, which makes the product extremely cost-efficient. HPS products are easily soluble in water and provide excellent stability to glue or other suspension solutions.

It also protects colloids, retains water, and effectively form a fine film on the surface upon drying. It can form strong bonds between different construction chemicals.

In addition, Hydroxypropyl Starch Ether (HPS) is completely non-toxic, odorless and bio-compatible, which makes it incredible safe to use.

Application of Hydroxypropyl Starch Ether (HPS)

Hydroxypropyl Starch Ether (HPS) is useful for:

  • Interior & exterior wall putty
  • Plastering mortar
  • Facing mortar
  • Tile binder
  • External thermal insulation

Additional information

Weight 25 kg