Brand Addage
Form Powder
Packaging Size 25 Kg
Packaging Type Bag
Minimum Order Quantity 25 Kg

Product Description – Supercon (Powder)

Addage Supercon (Powder) is an excellent high-quality setting hardener for all types of concrete.

Addage Supercon in powder form is fast setting but gives early strength to the concrete during setting. It allows early removal of mould, which increases production and gives the concrete surface an incredibly smooth surface finish. Supercon Powder by Addage is highly helpful in saving moulding time, labor and material costs.

It comes in a powdered form and is readily mixable with water. The product is designed for plasticizing by completely dehydrating the cement and providing it with superior strength. It also helps save production cost by preventing wastage due to breaking of precast factors.

Supercon Powder by Addage can be directly mixed with water and then added to the dry mix. It is advisable to add Supercon powder at the time of mixing cement and fly ash slurry for best results.

Application of Addage Supercon Granules

Addage Supercon (Powder) is highly used for quick setting all types of cements.

Additional information

Weight 25 kg