Tile Fixing Solutions

Tile Fixing Solutions

Tile Adhesives

'Tile Adhesives' basically it's polymer a blended one which is modified the base with powdered cement tile adhesive. It provides a excellent bond on the any kind of cementations surfaces such as: plaster or concrete etc. Tile Adhesive, can forms a barrier which is waterproof, between two different surfaces and it gives a very excellent properties of `grabbing`.

Area of Application

  • For fixing different kinds or almost all kinds of tiles such as walls specially the internal one, floors both external and internal floors and also the tile on tile application.

Features & Benefits

  • It is such kind of mixture which can be use just by adding water.
  • Due to its low shrinkage property it gives excellent adhesion.
  • It is very perfect for using on tile on tile application and for indoor tiling.
  • It is very flexible for accommodating the thermal and also physical movements.
  • It requires almost no amount of curing and needs no mechanical or hacking of the surface.
  • The floors where tile adhesive is applied it can be usable only after 24 hours.
  • No backing surface and soaking of any tile is required in any way.

Method of Application

  • The surface which should be supposed to tile it should be free from all kind of dust and impurities. Older surface should get free from later layes of any kind of wax or grease or any other impurities.
  • While making mixture add 3 portions of water in it and a part of powder
  • Mix and stir with trowel and slow down its speed or maintain it on approx. 50-100rpm until a homogeneous and hump free paste obtained.
  • While spreading the adhesive, spread it evenly with the thickness of approximately 3-6mm.
  • After applying the adhesive paste make sure that the place should b tile in between 15-20 minutes.
  • If you fail to apply the tile in the above mentioned time first substrate by the finger and if it get slicked then continue tile fixing and if not than scrape off all the reaming adhesive and apply a fresh layer to continue the further tiling.
  • It is necessary to keep joints in between the two-tiles, it would be best to use spacers to maintain the equal distance between all the tiles.
  • Firstly allow tiling space to set for approx. 24 hours minimum and then start filling the gaps or joints in next day.

Precaution & Limitations

  • Make sure to add powder in water never follow the rule of adding water to powder.
  • Follow the recommended directions of adding water and do not add more than suggested.
  • Never use any kind of cement or sand on site .
  • Make sure the surface will be in sound condition before doing application.