Masonry Mortar

Masonry Mortar

'Masonry Mortar' you can called it in simple terms as ready mix plaster which comes with the combination of high quality and perfect amount of sand cement and concrete mix together, all you need is to mix that mixture with water and make the desired thickness you want to apply in the form of plaster on walls or to join bricks or tiles on walls floors etc. This mixture is very useful in today's construction due to less time and demand of perfection.

What's inside 'Masonry Mortar?'

In the mixture there are few materials which are picked and choose wisely then mix together and form a simple yet very beneficial product for the field of construction. Masonry cement's blend, graded sand and polymers are the main ingredients of this product.


This product is long lasting and also has strong bonding which is specially designed to reduce the impact of environment, it also improves the energy efficiency and the coasting of maintenance as the product is long lasting. It also maximize the life of infer structure. The product is eco-friendly as well. It helps in saving construction cost by saving on water, labor, energy and site logistics. This technique is free from curing which save the most precious natural resource �water� directly.

Application :

Before applying this application on any surface, such as AAC or block surface make sure that should be free from any impurity like dust or any other small particles on surface. Always use a blush to apply this chemical on any surface. Before applying Masonry mortar makes sure that the surface is wet.

For using Masonry Mortar you should apply it with notched trowel vertically & horizontally over both surfaces of any blocks and then place in on position. It is necessary that you cannot move or disturb the blocks and bricks unit after the setting of mortar; it causes the breakage of bond.

Limitations :

Once the adhesive get applied on blocks or the surface of bricks curing is not required in any manner. As the product is air dried the curing time and it fluctuates according to the atmospheric ambience and rising of temperature.

Advantages :

  • The chemical is ready to use which decrease your construction time and labor cost both.
  • There is no kind of curing is required in this chemical it is has self curing capability Water Resistant
  • It saves time
  • It is very easy to apply on any surface
  • It has excellent bonding quality.
  • Masonry Mortar has crack resistance quality.
  • It saves labor cost.
  • It is non hazardous.
  • It is not required for wall to reinforcing liners.
  • There is no limitation for the infrastructure heights.
  • Wall becomes ready to apply plastering in few hours, it totally depends on the conditions of climate.
  • It saves the handling of material.
  • It causes no material wastage.
  • No need of any kind of supervision for the procurement of Material & its preparation.
  • It gives an excellent adhesion to all basic construction substrates that cannot be found in the conventional Mortar.

Storage and Shelf Life :

As all the chemicals required a typical kind of curing so as Masonry Mortar required. It needs maintain environment, the product should always be kept from direct sunlight, any kind of extreme heat and always kept it in dry place. This chemical is non-reactive and non-hazardous to almost all kind of alkalies. It is highly recommended from professional to store it in plastic jar for its extended life.