Wall Putty

Wall Putty

Wall Putty is completely cement based putty which is white in color. It's use is better for the exterior as well as interior walls of buildings. The white colored cement-based putty binds very strongly with base plaster in such conditions as well when the surface is damp and it forms a good and protective base. The pores (fine one) on ceiling and walls can be easily fills up and gives you a fine even and very smooth and dry surface which is best for painting. Wall putty gives an effective protection against flaking; so it assures you good even, looking smooth walls of your home for so many years.

Features / Advantages

  • It is white cement based and skim coated.
  • For application of paint it gives smooth and water resistant surface.
  • It has as excellent adhesion.
  • It causes no peel off because of seepage.
  • It gives excellent finish, increases the durability of paint, and causes less consumption of paint.
  • No need of primer.
  • No kind of curing is required.

Areas of application

  • Application can easily applied on plastered surface.
  • It gives fine finish and it is very useful for Inner and Outer walls.

Surface Preparation and Application

  • Before applying wall putty makes sure that the surface is free from dust or not, if not make it dust free. Also make sure that it is free from any type of fungus, greases, bitumen, and any kind of release agents, moss, paints, oils, loose particles or any kind of coating. Make sure that the surface should be free from all the above mentioned impurities otherwise it affects the workability of wall putty.
  • Before applying make sure that the surface where the putty is supposed to be applied should be pre-wetted. This will helps you to provide a very strong bond with the substrate.
  • Its better to apply at least two coats of Addage Wall Putty on plastered surface of wall (Each coat should be Max 1.5 mm of total thickness).


  • The Addage Wall Putty covers almost more surface area that is exceeding to 9-10 Sq. ft. /kg. In two coats on new plastered wall.