Trigor Phyto Activator

Trigor Phyto Activator

Made From High Quality Ingredient Useful For Root Vegetables Growth By Supplying Essential Nutrients To The Plants.

Trigor is our Most Trusted Brand by the Farmers. By Considering plant Nutritional Management, First Time In India, Trigor Is Made For Spraying on Plants.

Why to Spray On Leaves?

Due To Various Reasons (e.g. Fixation of Nutrients in soil, leaching, Evaporation). At Is Poured That Use of only Bulk, Fertilizers do not fulfil the needs of plants, Due to foliar Spray of Trigor on crops, it is found that it is useful to provide nutrients (Fertilizers) Which Is Laying in the Soil.

Why to apply through Drip Irrigation?

When we apply Trigor through Drip Irrigation, it is observed that is provides essential plants nutrients from soil, to the plants vid roots and trigor helps to increase the efficiency of nutrigo and increase the yield. 100% Soluble in water which help to Provide Immediate Nutrition to Crops in Growing Phase Which accelerates Quality And Quantity of crop plants.

Features Of Trigor :

  • Provides Essential plant nutrients for root Growth
  • At is beneficial when use through spraying on crop plants
  • At is made from high Quality ingredient
  • It products crop plants from harmful salty ingredients
  • It is made in such a way that it can be used along with Common insecticides and fungicides

Benefits of Trigor:

  • Root Vegetative Growth, more Branches, more Flowers, More Yield
  • It regulates Plant Growth
  • It Provides Nutritional Needs of the plants
  • It regulates plants growth even in pesticides Attack and water stress Condition


  • At Vegetative & Flowering Stage Use Trigor 5-10 ml per ltr. of water spraying.
  • Trigor Can Be Used with Commonly Used growth regulators and pesticides

Crops Dose per litter Litter Spraying Period Benefits
Seasonal crops:
Paddy, Wheat, Maize, Cotton, Sugarcane
5-10 ml 2-3 First Spraying:
After Sowing 18-20 days
After transplanting 8-10 Days.
Second Spraying:
10-15 Days After First Spraying
Crop Beam Healthy
More Grains, More yield
Vegetables :
Spinach, Okra, Brinjal , Chilli, etc.
5-10 ml Every 8 Days Root of Plant deep in Trigor solution During transplanting
Spray 10-15 Days After Transplanting
Then Spray Every 8 Days Interval
Healthy Vegetables Growth
Keeping Quality Improved
Taste Improved
Horticulture Crops:
Orange, Mango, Pomegranate, Banana, Grapes, etc.
5-10 ml Once in every Months Before Flowering
At the time of fruit setting
For well growing in size of fruits & keeping quality
Improve plants/tree health
Keeping quality improved in fruits
Age of tree improved

Suggestion for Spraying:

  • Spray Morning or evening time
  • Use clean water or make spray Solution
  • Use sufficient water for uniform Spraying