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Tile Adhesives: Its Significance, Varieties and Benefits

Thanks to modern tile adhesives, it has become incredible easier and more efficient to install all types of tiles on a variety of surfaces. This modern tile fixing solution ensures that the tiles are stable and firmly affixed to walls or floors for a longer time.

Since tiles are expensive, it is extremely important to ensure that they are completely and firmly secured to the surface. For this, it is necessary to know certain aspects of tiles before you buy.

In this blog, we will learn all about tile adhesives, including the significance of tiles, varieties of tiles, and their benefits.

Importance Of Tile Adhesives

Tile adhesive is the “glue” that firmly fixes tiles to substrate surfaces. Tile fixing solutions prevent tiles from shifting, or cracking while being used. It  help avoid using conventional mortar cement, which has several disadvantages in comparison.

Fixing tiles using adhesives rather than conventional mortar helps to minimize overall effort, time and expenses. It can help tiles bear significant pressure, stress and strain which they are usually subjected to. Hence, they are extremely useful in ensuring a strong, long-lasting bond between tiles and the substrates underneath.

Let’s check out some more aspects of the importance of tile adhesives –

1 – Bonding Strength and Durability

Excellent bonding strength is the most important property that an ideal tile adhesive should have. It should be able to form a secure, long-lasting bond between the substrate surface and the tiles. This is important to ensure that the tiles do not loosen, shift or detach with use.

Besides, higher bonding strength and durability of tiles are extremely essential for areas that have noticeable foot-traffic or are vulnerable to damage from moisture.

In short, using it ensures that the tiles remain fixed in place for a longer time, without suffering damage.

2 – Flexibility and Stability

Various tile adhesives offer different levels of flexibility and stability to tiles surfaces. They provide slight room for expansion and movement which usually happens from changes in the ambient temperature. This helps to prevent the tiles from breaking or cracking. The adhesive becomes a stable base to firmly fix tiles, which ensures that the tiles remain securely in place for longer periods of time.

3 – Water Resistance and Moisture Control

Specific types of tile adhesives have higher levels of water-resistance, which is helpful for fixing tiles in moisture-laden areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

The tile fixing solution acts as a barrier between the tile substrate and the tile, which successfully prevents water from entering. This helps to lower the risk of damage from constant moisture and restrict the growth of mold beneath the tiles. Several tile adhesives have additional water-resistance properties, which makes them ideal for use on damp substrate surfaces.

4 – Ease of Use

Tile fixing solutions are made to be easy to use and apply. They are packaged in ready-to-use form. This helps to avoid extensive mixing and preparation of mortar cement for fixing tiles.

Tile adhesives have a smooth consistency. This ensures that the adhesive spreads evenly and is easy to use. Thanks to this, the base of tiles gets complete coverage and comprehensive adhesion. All these properties make tile adhesives the ideal solution for smooth, easy and quick tile fixing.

5 – Economical

Fixing tiles is one of the most expensive parts of construction projects. However, by choosing the best-suited tile adhesive, you can essentially eliminate the cost of using additional materials, such as admixtures, mortar cement and labor costs.

Besides this, tile adhesives offer a level of durability and effectiveness that also helps to save significant repairing and maintenance costs in the long run. The best tile adhesives essentially eliminate the cost of repairs and replacement remarkably.

Types Of Tile Adhesive

Tile adhesives are available in different types. Each type of tile fixing solution is designed to fulfill a specific need of tile installation.

Below are the 5 types of tile adhesives you will find in the market –

Type-1 Tile Adhesive

Type-1 tile adhesives are designed for tiles that are made from conventional materials and have a higher porosity. Commonly type-1 tile adhesives are used for fixing porous stones and non-vitrified ceramic tiles on different substrates. This type of tile fixing solution offers a stronger bond and is best suited for use on interior walls and surfaces.

Type-2 Tile Adhesive

Type-2 tile adhesives are designed for use with low porosity fully vitrified tiles, including dense stones and glass mosaic tiles. It has enhanced bonding strength and offers optimal stability. This type of tile adhesive is suited for use on interior and exterior surfaces, including submerged, or moist areas.

Type-3 Tile Adhesive

Type-3 tile adhesives are designed for fixing tiles to exterior wall substrates consisting of concrete or plaster. It offers extensive adhesion and strength to exterior tiles. This type of tile adhesive is highly recommended for fixing different types of tiles, including glass mosaic tiles, porcelain tiles, clay tiles, all-natural stone tiles, and conventional ceramic tiles.

Type-4 Tile Adhesive

Type-4 tile adhesives are designed for installing tiles on dry wall-board substrates. It provides excellent adhesion to a variety of stone tiles and ceramic tiles. This tile adhesive is recommended for fixing tiles on drywall boards, including wood, plywood, gypsum boards and other dry substrates.

Advantages Of Tile Adhesive

Now that we’ve seen the different types of tile adhesives, let’s look at the various advantages of using tile adhesives –

  1. Leveling and Alignment – Tile adhesives allow you to level and align tiles perfectly in place. As conventional mortar often leaves cracks and tiny spaces between tiles and substrates, a tile adhesive is a better choice for ensuring smooth and level tile installation.
  2. Efficiency – Using tile adhesives helps to significantly reduce overall time, effort and labor for installing tiles. It comes as a ready-to-use pack and does not need time to be prepared or processed.
  3. Strong bond – Tile adhesives also ensure a stronger bond between the tile and substrate. This ensures that tiles remain fixed firmly in place, even in high-traffic or moisture-prone areas.


Tile adhesives are incredibly useful, as they ensure optimal tile installation. Tile fixing solutions are important to get a durable, strong and long-lasting bond between tiles and substrates. They also help reduce overall time, effort, labor and expenses in construction projects.

Tile adhesives are available in 5 different types, where each type caters to specific requirements in the construction process. Make sure to choose the best tile adhesives, such as those provided by Sakshi Chem Sciences Pvt. Ltd. to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective tiling solutions.