Silicone Emulsions(Milky) Mould Release Agent

Silicone Emulsions(Milky) Mould Release Agent

Silicone Emulsion is such shuttering oils which act as a mould releasing agents for rubber moulds. The specialty of emulsion is, it can be easily diluted with water and does not requires any kind of emulsion to dilute it, and such products are in huge demand in market due to its eco friendly properties, easy to use nature and it also fulfills all the needs of industry as well. It is used to give rapid, easy and clear stripping of formworks and moulds it also gives very high quality, stain free and fair faced concrete rubber which leads it to great finish and look. It is made with the help of selected oils and non hazardous chemicals combined together to form such oils which are superior than the regular ones and can give more appropriate results to moulds and formwork.

Due to its special qualities it gives special looks that are stain free, gives even texture and also provide good color to concrete. It also protects cement matrix from further adhesion. It is easy to use and can be applied on almost all the sites and costs low which results it is economical for use as well. For applying silicon emulsions use spray, form a thin layer of it on surface make sure that no excess amount can be pour on the surface it will cause further damage after applying it leave it for complete drying. Drying time may vary as per the conditions of atmosphere it need 10 � 15 minutes for high temperature and low it may require 2 hours at least.


  • Non hazardous
  • Non staining
  • Reduces the imperfections on the surfaces of concrete
  • Extends the life of shuttering


Steel 125-180 m2/ 6 liter
Coated Form Ply 290-150 m2/ 6 liter
For untreated wooden surface 75 � 100 m2/ 6 liter


Appearance Clear colorless liquid
Viscosity 350 mm2
Density 0.97 g/cm3
Surface Tension 0.021 n/m

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