Rubber Mould Mould Release Agent

Rubber Mould Mould Release Agent

Mould release agent rubber mould(MRA-RM) is ready to use specially designed mould release agent for rubber moulds. It is used to give a fast; clear and easy stripping to the formwork and moulds of rubber it also ensure the stain free, good quality and fair faced rubber product. It is a blend of mineral oil and chemicals which formulated together to form such release properties which are more superior to conventional one. It comes in direct to use form and colored white which is spray able. It takes near about 10 � 15 minutes max, if the atmospheric conditions are hot and dry and it the temperature is low and contains humid in air it may take 1 � 2 hours for drying up completely. It is very easy to use and can be applied with the help of spray, while using spray make sure that the applicant is applied evenly on surfaces no access is allowed.

Formwork surfaces:- Mould release MRA-RM is specially designed for using on rubber moulds

Non-staining:- It does not cause any staining on concrete.

Cleaning:- Sprayer should be wash well after usage with clean water to make it free from all the previous materials, so it can be re used easily.

Coverage:- The rate of coverage is totally dependent on porosity of mould material which is going to be used .The coverage rate and release properties of releasing agent will reduce if formwork is old and worn nature.


  • Ensures self mould cleaning
  • It has non toxic and hazardous
  • Can be applied on any kind of rubber moulds
  • Cause no stain at the end
  • Minimizes cleaning efforts of shutters
  • Reduces the imperfections on the surfaces
  • It increases the life of shuttering


Steel 20-25 m2/ Per liter
Coated Form Ply 15-20 m2/ Per liter
For untreated wooden surface 12-15 m2/ Per liter


Appearance Clear colourless liquid
Viscosity 350 mm2
Density 0.97 g/cm3
SurfaceTension 0.021 n/m

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