Brand Addage
Form Powder
Usage/Application Commercial
Packaging Size 20 Kg & 40 Kg
Packaging Type Bag
Grade Standard Technical Grade
Minimum Order Quantity 40 Kg

Addage Tile Adhesive TOT- HD Product Description

Addage Tile Adhesive TOT- HD by Sakshi Chem Sciences is a high-performance tile fixing adhesive. It is designed for use on interior and exterior walls and floors, as well as tile-on-tile requirements.

Sakshi Chem Sciences’ TOT HD Tile Adhesive is a mixed polymer modified cement-based powdered tile adhesive. It provides excellent bond with cemented surfaces, such as concrete and plaster, among others.

Addage Tile Adhesive TOT HD forms a thin but uniform waterproof film between any two cementitious surfaces to keep them joined firmly together. It is popular because it has low shrinkage with excellent adhesion. It is highly suitable for indoor walls and tiles.

It is flexible enough to bear thermal shifts and physical movements in walls and tiles. It does not need curing, hacking or mechanical elements to adhere to surfaces.

Applications of Addage Tile Adhesive TOT – HD

The Addage Tile Adhesive TOT – HD by Sakshi Chem Sciences is widely used for –

  • Affixing internal tiles
  • Bonding interior walls / floors
  • Tile-on-tile applications

Additional information

Weight 40 kg