Brand Addage
Form Liquid
Uses Construction
Packaging Size 60 Kg, 250 Kg
Packaging Type Can, Barrel
Minimum Order Quantity 60 Kg

Product Description

Addage Plast AP 501 by Sakshi Chem Sciences Pvt. Ltd. is extremely beneficial. It provides specified strength grades that enhance workability and reduce cement content in the concrete mix. It ultimately produces low permeable concrete to enhance overall durability.

Plast AP 501 by Addage minimizes the risk of segregation and water bleeding. It also helps to produce a denser, close-textured concrete surface which helps to enhance comprehensive durability.

Addage Plast AP 501 is chloride-free. This makes it immensely safe for use in pre-stressed concrete. It also makes it safer for use with sulfate resisting cements and against marine aggregates. Plast AP 501 can be used with all types of cement, except high-alumina cement.

Applications of Addage Plast AP 501

Addage Plast AP 501 by Sakshi Chem Sciences is most useful for –

  • Improving effectiveness of pumpable concrete
  • Producing high-strength pumpable concrete
  • Enhance early and ultimate strength of concrete
  • High workable cement and concrete

Additional information

Weight 60 kg