Brand Addage
Form Liquid
Uses Construction
Packaging Size 60 Kg, 250Kg
Packaging Type Can, Barrel
Minimum Order Quantity 60 Kg

Product Description- PLAST AP 430

Addage PLAST AP 430 is a plasticizing and water-proofing concrete produced by the renowned construction compound brand. It is a sulphonate naphthalene based concrete admixture and widely used around the world for strong and durable construction.

Addage PLAST AP 430 works to improve the characteristics of water content in a concrete mix. It is also used to produce high quality pumpable concrete, without compromising on strength. It also promotes high early and final strengths of the concrete by lowering water level.

PLAST AP 430 by Addage has significant advantages, such as allowing you to create concrete with reduced cement content, or increased fluidity.

Application of Addage PLAST AP 430

Addage PLAST AP 430 is commonly used to:

  • Improve effectiveness of water content in concrete mix
  • Produce pumpable concrete
  • Create high workability concrete
  • Make high strength and high grade concrete M 35
  • Ensure low permeability and high early strength in concrete mix

Additional information

Weight 60 kg