Form Powder
Packaging Size 25 Kg
Packaging Type Bag
Minimum Order Quantity 25 Kg

Product Description of PCE Powder

PCE Powder by Sakshi Chem Sciences is a polycarboxylic ether based super-plasticizer. It has a special molecular structure that helps to lower the water content during concrete production. This product is suitable for use with mortar and concrete, and especially for manufacturing cement with high strength and high-flow ability.

PCE Powder provides excellent initial hardening. It offers exceptional slump retention, which is extremely useful for highly-fluid cement. Its unique plasticizing effects ensure that the concrete or mortar becomes highly durable after drying.

Sakshi Chem Sciences PCE Powder gives longer durability to mortar containing specialized cement. It has a higher water reducing rate, excellent solubility. Apart from this, PCE Powder is environmentally friendly and extremely cost-effective too as compared to similar products in the market.

Applications of PCE Powder

PCE Powder is mostly used for –

  • High compatibility with other construction purposes
  • On-site or ready-mix civil construction
  • Self-compacting concrete
  • Early strengthener
  • High strength and high durability concrete

Additional information

Weight 25 kg