Brand Addage
Form Liquid
Usage/Application Industrial
Packaging Size 50 Kg & 215 Kg
Packaging Type Can & Barrel
Grade Standard Technical Grade
Minimum Order Quantity 50 Kg


Product Description

Addage BONDCOTE Curing Compound WE (Wax based) is designed to retain moisture in concrete and enables comprehensive curing. It is suitable for several types of conventional concreting purposes. It is especially developed for large surface area applications, such as for roadways, bridges, runways, etc.

BONDCOTE Curing Compound WE (Wax based) by Addage provides a more durable concrete by enhancing cement hydration, thus improving concrete curing. Controlling loss of moisture is necessary for improving the surface quality of concrete. It is also useful for reducing permeability and producing a durable and dust-free surface.

Addage Wax based BONDCOTE Curing Compound WE reduces chances of cracking of surface and shrinking by preventing moisture loss. Besides, it is applied by spray or brush which reduces labor cost and also helps in rapid film formation.

Application of Addage BONDCOTE Curing Compound WE

Addage BONDCOTE Curing Compound WE is highly useful for general concreting applications, such as in:

  • Roadways
  • Bridgework
  • Airport runways

Additional information

Weight 50 kg