Brand Addage
Form Emulsion
Usage/Application Commercial, Industrial
Packaging Size 215 KG
Packaging Type Barrel
Grade Standard Technical Grade
Minimum Order Quantity 215 KG

Product Description

Addage BONDCOTE CCARB (Curing Compound Aluminium Resin Base) is a water based concrete curing compound. It is created as a low viscosity acrylic emulsion to make it easy to apply and use.

BONDCOTE CCARB by Addage is sprayed directly on the cementitious surface and forms a thin silvery film. It is a uniform and non-penetrated coating that restricts moisture loss, which ensures better cement hydration, improves durability and limits shrinkage.

Addage BONDCOTE CCARB is designed to produce highly durable concrete structures by enhancing the cement’s hydration capabilities. Controlling moisture helps to improve surface quality of concrete, reduce permeability, and give a tough but clean and smooth surface. The product effectively restricts surface cracking and shrinkage by preventing loss of moisture. Besides, BONDCOTE CCARB is safe for use as it is made from non-toxic and non-flammable compounds.

Application of Addage BONDCOTE CCARB (Water-based) Curing Compound

The Addage BONDCOTE CCARB (Curing Compound Aluminium Resin Base) is highly useful for:

  • General concreting
  • Runways
  • Roads
  • Bridge-work

Additional information

Weight 215 kg