Usage/Application: Tile Adhesive, Mortar

Packaging Size 25kg
Color White
Packaging Type Bag
State/Form Powder

Product Description of Calcium Formate

Calcium Formate by Sakshi Chem Sciences is a white crystalline powder, which is readily dissolvable in water. It has numerous uses as an important additive in construction compounds.

The calcium formate helps with cement repairs by enhancing hardening time of concrete. It is commonly mixed with mortar, grout and other cement-based repair products at the early stages of construction.

Calcium formate is effective in two different ways. It acts as an excellent hardening accelerator that improves the overall strength of the concrete. Additionally, it helps to avoid problems associated with slow hardening of mortar, especially in low temperatures or humidity. It essentially shortens the initial setting time to increase the workability of concrete. This also makes it ideal for quick concrete repair solutions.

Applications of Sakshi Chem Sciences Calcium Formate –

Calcium Formate by Sakshi Chem Sciences is widely used in –

  • Dry mix mortars
  • Tile adhesives
  • Cement additives (accelerates drying)
  • Accelerate tri-calcium aluminate silicate formation

Additional information

Weight 25 kg