ADDAGE BONDCOTE 800 F (Fiber Mould)

Brand Addage
Form Liquid
Usage/Application Industrial
Packaging Size 200 lt & 50 lt
Packaging Type Can
Color Yellow to brown
Minimum Order Quantity 50 Liter

Product Description

Addage BONDCOTE 800 F (MRA-FC) is a solvent dilutable shuttering oil and mould release agent. It is made from select non-hazardous chemicals and mineral oils to make it safe for use in construction. It provides a way to quickly strip formwork and keep it from getting damaged in different types of construction projects.

BONDCOTE 800 F (MRA-FC) by Addage is made to provide a stain-free and smooth surface to concrete settings. It is an affordable and economical, easy-to-use mould release agent. It reduces the time required to clean formwork as compared to conventional mould release oils. In effect, BONDCOTE 800 F helps to extend the life of mould and formwork used for shuttering.

Addage BONDCOTE 800 F (MRA-FC) is also non-staining so it can be successfully used with white cement too.

Application of Addage BONDCOTE 800 F (Fiber Mould)

Addage BONDCOTE 800 F (MRA-FC) is made for use with the following types of formwork:

  • Timber
  • Steel
  • R.P.
  • Aluminium
  • Resinous

Additional information

Weight 50 kg