Packaging Size 25 Kg
Color White
Packaging Type Bag
Brand Addage
Usage/Application Wall  Putty
State/Form Powder

Product Description

Addage AKULPOL 9192 is a high-quality Redispersible Polymer Powder. It has excellent adhesion strength, combined with good tensile power. It can bond easily with a variety of inorganic surfaces and provides comprehensive functionality.

AKULPOL 9192 is a white-colored free-flowing powder. It is made by spray-drying dispersed polymer particles. When it is added to water, the condensed polymer particles disintegrate and become dispersible once more. It is basically a latex emulsion and forms a fine film on the surface on drying. This polymer film enhances adhesion and elasticity. You can also add water to some types of RDP powders to give the mortar hydrophobic properties and make it resistant to water damage.

RDP products are classified into different types:

  • Medium elastic-standard adhesion
  • Rigid-high adhesion
  • Highly elastic-low adhesion

Application of Addage AKULPOL 9192

Addage AKULPOL 9192 is highly useful for:

  • Wall Putty
  • Joint mortars
  • Building binders
  • Construction adhesives
  • External wall putty
  • Cracks Filling

Additional information

Weight 25 kg