Brand Addage
Form Liquid
Uses Construction
Packaging Size 50 Kg & 200 Kg
Packaging Type Can & Barrel
Minimum Order Quantity 50 Kg

Product Description of PLAST PCE 850

Addage PLAST PCE 850 is an advanced admixture by the renowned brand. It is basically a high level water reducing and high early strength inducing super-plasticizing admixture specially developed to create strong and durable precast concrete surfaces.

PLAST PCE 850 by Addage is the next-gen product in its wide range of Polycarboxylic Ether (PCE) product portfolio. It effectively lowers water level in concrete and enhances its overall strength by 20%-30%.

Addage PLAST PCE 850 also provides high early strength. It is useful to get consistency in the fluidity and strength of concrete admixtures used in various precast applications. The concrete thus produced is self-compacting without the need of conventional vibration technique for setting.

Application of Addage PLAST PCE 850

Addage PLAST PCE 850 is highly useful for making:

  • Low water content concrete
  • Ready mix for fast-mixing concrete during transportation
  • High elastic and enhanced strength concrete
  • Highly strong yet workable concrete
  • Enhanced durability concrete

Additional information

Weight 50 kg