Brand Addage
Form Liquid
Uses Construction
Packaging Size 50 Kg & 200 Kg
Packaging Type Can & Barrel
Minimum Order Quantity 50 Kg

Product Description of PLAST PCE 811

Addage Plast PCE 811 is a high range water reducing, high early strength super-plasticizing admixture for producing pre-case concrete. The product is designed to increase the fluidity or plasticity of concrete and to enhance its compressive strength at the same time.

Plast PCE 811 by Addage from Sakshi Chem Sciences provides better fluidity to concrete without needing much water content and helps achieve high early strength. It produces rheodynamic and rheoplastic concretes with low water-to-cement ratio.

Sakshi Chem Science’s Addage Plast PCE 811 Plasticizer reduces cycle time which results in increased production. It improves surface appearance which gives durable pre-cast concrete products. Using Plast PCE 811 helps provide excellent early strength and workability to concrete by reducing its water consumption.

Applications of Addage Plast PCE 811

Addage Plast PCE 811 is widely used in –

  • Low water content concrete production
  • Transporting ready mix concrete
  • Highly elastic and strong concrete production
  • Enhancing durability of concrete
  • Producing pumpable concrete

Additional information

Weight 50 kg