Brand Addage
Form Liquid
Uses Construction
Packaging Size 60 Kg & 250 Kg
Packaging Type Can & Barrel
Minimum Order Quantity 60 Kg

Product Description

Addage PLAST ESN is an innovative concrete admixture, which is essentially a naphthalene based super-plasticizer for concrete. It is known for being able to reduce water in admixtures significantly. It is also chosen for giving high early and final compressive strength to the concrete.

PLAST ESN by Addage is quick setting which allows you to quickly remove mould or formwork. Besides, it also enhances the workability of concrete mix by lowering its overall water requirement. This results in creating concrete with a significantly higher compressive strength and enhanced durability.

Addage PLAST ESN works to lower water quantity in concrete admixtures by 20%-30%, without compromising its workability and durability.

Application of Addage PLAST ESN

Addage PLAST ESN is most commonly used worldwide as a next-gen concrete admixture for:

  • Higher water reduction
  • Improved concrete workability
  • High early compressive strength
  • Improved final compressive strength
  • Quick removal of mould / shuttering

Additional information

Weight 60 kg