Brand Addage
Form Liquid
Uses Construction
Packaging Size 60 Kg & 250 Kg
Packaging Type Can & Barrel
Minimum Order Quantity 60 Kg

Product Description

Addage PLAST ES is an advanced concrete admixture by renowned construction chemical brand. It is basically a melamine resin base super-plasticizer for concrete.

PLAST ES by Addage is a high volume water reduction admixture and provides excellent early and final strength to concrete. It also enhances the practical uses of concrete mix and reduces overall water requirement at the same time. This results in creating a concrete with a higher compressive strength and enhanced durability.

Addage PLAST ES effectively reduces water quantity by 20%-30%, depending on the amount used, and still gives extremely functional and workable concrete. Besides, PLAST ES by Addage also decreases the porosity of concrete and modifies its morphology effectively.

Application of Addage PLAST ES

Addage PLAST ES concrete admixture is highly useful for:

  • High water reduction
  • Improved fluidity / workability
  • Higher early strength
  • Improved final compressive strength
  • Lowest air volume
  • Minimized bleeding and segregation

Additional information

Weight 60 kg