Addage Grout 22

Brand Addage
Form Powder
Usage/Application Commercial
Packaging Size 40 Kg
Packaging Type Bag
Grade Standard Technical Grade
Minimum Order Quantity 40 Kg

Product Description

Addage Grout 22 by Sakshi Chem Sciences is designed to produce non-shrink free-flowing grout when mixed with water. It is a perfect blend of graded fillers, chemical additives and Portland cement. The components of Addage Grout 22 provide controlled expansion in the fluid state and lower water consumption too.

Grout 22 by Addage ensures higher early strength, while the graded fillers help in uniform mixing to produce consistency in the grout. It is designed for use in precision grouting where the concrete surface is being constructed to bear heavy static and dynamic loads.

Addage Grout 22 by Sakshi Chem Sciences is best used by adding the appropriate quantity of clean water to achieve the desired consistency.

Applications of Addage Grout 22

Addage Grout 22 by Sakshi Chem Sciences is widely used for –

  • Precision grouting
  • Grouting base plates (compressors, turbines, etc.)
  • Withstand static and dynamic loads
  • Anchoring various fixings (anchor-bolts, masts, fence posts, etc.)

Addage Grout 22 – Precision Grouting

Precision grouting is a crucial part in the construction process that often gets overlooked, yet its benefits are undeniable. Grout is a form of mortar which is typically a mixture of cement, water, and sometimes sand.

Addage Grout 22 is a grouting material serves multiple purposes, such as filling the gaps, cracks and voids. It is mainly used to provide structural support by securing structural components in place. Precision grouting material prevents structures from shifting or cracking over time. Additionally, grout enhances the aesthetic appeal of surfaces by creating a clean, finished look.

Addage Grout 22 mostly used for precision grouting, including non shrink precision grout, is a specialized grouting material that offers unparalleled strength and durability. This ensures higher stress endurance and maintains the aesthetics of structures.

In addition, the grout bonding agent is useful in a wide range of concrete repairing applications, such as reinforcing structural integrity, enhancing appearance, and prolonging the lifespan of concrete structures.

Additional information

Weight 40 kg