Addage Bondcote LC ( Lacquer )

Surface Of Application Paver Block
Brand Addage
Packaging Size 50 Lt & 200 Lt
Packaging Type Can, barrel
Chemical nature Acrylic Polymer in organic solvent

Minimum order quantity: 50 Litre

Addage BONDCOTE LC is an acrylic polymer compound designed to provide smooth, glossy and hard finish to paver blocks and cement tiles.
Addage BONDCOTE Lacquer is designed to give a very tough but glossy surface after coating. It is also made to be highly resistant to color fading and staining, which makes it ideal for use at multiple different places. The product provides a good coverage area as compared to ordinary lacquer coating products.
BONDCOTE LC by Addage is excellent to fill cracks and effectively cover small and large pores on the paver surface. It covers the paver and tile with a hard glossy finish and also shows exceptional resistance to abrasion. The product also has significant water-repellent properties and remarkable resistance to water and alkali compounds.

Application of Addage BONDCOTE LC (Lacquer)
Addage BONDCOTE LC (Lacquer) is highly useful for the following:

  • Paver tiles
  • Paver blocks
  • Cement blocks
  • Cement tiles

Additional information

Weight 50 kg