Paver Block Hardener

Step-by-Step Guide to Paver Block Hardener for Maximum Performance

Paver blocks have become the top choice for installation in yards, patios, walkways, footpaths, and other similar locations. These are pre-cast concrete blocks that are designed to provide a level and stable surface for foot-traffic and to raise the aesthetic appeal of the floor. To make high-quality paver blocks, manufacturers use paver block hardener.

Paver blocks are made by adding a special concrete hardening chemical to the concrete before it is poured into the block mould. These chemical hardeners make concrete harden faster and reduce the quantity of cement required in the concrete mix. Chemical hardeners are available in the liquid form and powdered form, which are used for specific applications and situations.

In this blog, you will learn numerous important things about block hardeners, such as the uses, benefits, advantages, and applications of paver block hardeners

What is Paver Block Hardener?

Paver block hardener is a construction chemical used to make pre-cast concrete products harden faster and become denser. They are composed of inorganic compounds and are available in both liquid and powder form. The hardener for paver block, when mixed with concrete, reacts with the free lime in the concrete and creates a mixture of silicate compounds.

The silicate compounds which are formed by the chemical reaction quickly react with the excess water in the concrete to create calcium silicate hydrate, or “tobermorite gel”. At the end of this process, the by-products of the chemical reactions effectively fill the small pores on the concrete surface which makes the surface of the concrete denser.

In addition, the resulting bond makes the crystalline structure extra strong, which causes the concrete surface to become harder. Using a hardener to manufacture paver blocks prevents the inevitable pitting and dusting which is normally seen on concrete surfaces upon hardening.

Though chemical hardeners are made with different formulations by different manufacturers, they all use silicate ion-based compounds that reach with free lime in concrete. These include top paver block hardener manufacturer Sakshi Chem Sciences Pvt Ltd which offer the Addage Supercon Liquid.

Applications of Paver Block Hardener

Concrete block hardeners, such as Addage CLC Hardener, Addage AAC Block Hardener and Supercon Liquid by Sakshi Chem Sciences, are used widely in the paver block manufacturing industry.

They are highly useful to make concrete paver blocks more robust with enhanced durability. Using block hardeners makes the concrete blocks up to 300 times stronger than conventional concrete blocks and bricks.

Besides this, you can buy paver block hardener at best price in India that also gives excellent abrasion resistance to concrete paver blocks. It is ideal to strengthen the concrete once it sets into paver blocks and AAC or CLC bricks. This eliminates the need to repair and replace damaged paver blocks, which significantly lowers the labor hours and maintenance costs.

The concrete paver hardener also makes the blocks waterproof which prevents them from getting damaged by rain and dampness. This, in turn, also prolongs the life of paved surfaces and lowers the maintenance effort and costs too.

Concrete block hardeners mainly make the paver blocks stronger, more durable, resistant to abrasion, chemicals, and moisture. Thanks to these properties, concrete block hardeners ensure efficient use of concrete and other raw materials while manufacturing paver blocks and make the process more cost-effective.

This chemical compound offers all-round advantages and benefits to paver block manufacturers and builders alike. Hence, the market for paver block chemical hardeners is set to grow significantly due to the rise in demand for strong and robust concrete blocks.

Advantages and Benefits of Paver Block Hardeners

High-quality paved surfaces are needed in all types of commercial and residential buildings. Homes, offices, and industrial spaces require strong, durable, and cost-effective floors, which are possible to achieve by using paver blocks hardened by special chemical compounds.

According to scientific studies, paver block hardener powder offers remarkably superior overall performance, aesthetically pleasing appearance and more durable floor surfaces as compared to conventional tiles and flooring techniques.

Some of the major advantages and benefits of using concrete block hardeners include making the floor surface more durable, saving time during installation, and improving the appearance of the floor. Let’s learn about advantages of paver block and tile hardener in detail –

Time saving

Concrete paver hardeners reduce the manufacturing time for paver blocks significantly. Adding chemical paver hardeners to freshly poured concrete reduces the hardening time to a few hours.


Concrete paver chemicals are less expensive and provide remarkable price-to-performance ratio. The basic cost of materials and lessened labor costs during construction are highly beneficial. The paver blocks are also low-maintenance and help to save money in the long run.


Chemical hardeners for paver blocks are also deemed safe for the environment and do not have adverse effects on the health of humans. They contain very negligible amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which make them safe for use in commercial and residential buildings.

Besides this, it is easier to clean floors with paver blocks using conventional cleaning equipment and techniques. You can even use sealers to prevent the blocks from degrading into dust and have an eco-friendly paving solution.


Durability is one of the most sought-after properties for floors, for commercial and residential buildings alike. Using concrete hardeners makes the paver blocks tough and prevents abrasion and deterioration of floor surfaces.

This is extremely necessary to lower the cost of regular repairs and maintenance, which is higher when using conventional flooring materials, such as plain concrete and tiles.


Concrete block hardeners also give the paver blocks an appealing appearance, which is another major advantage.

Future Trend for Paver Block Hardeners

According to market research, the construction industry will see a significant rise in demand for concrete paver hardener chemical, as commercial and residential construction witnesses a boom.

The high rate of infrastructure development coupled with a growing economy will push the demand for high-quality paved floor surfaces in the commercial and residential construction industry in India.


Paver block hardeners are extremely vital to ensure strong, robust, and durable paved floors in commercial and residential buildings. Reliable paver block chemicals, such as the Addage Supercon Liquid by Sakshi Chem Sciences is the top choice for paver block manufacturers worldwide as it ensures long-lasting paved floor surfaces.

Adding paver block hardener chemicals to concrete before pouring into mold makes the concrete harden quicker and provides excellent durability to the product.