Nutrigo Phyto Conditioner

Nutrigo Phyto Conditioner

For Better Yield essential Plant Nutrients in Soil are Very important. Nutrigo, a Nutritious Organic Fertilizer is made up of High Quality Ingredients.NUTRIGO improves the Soil Health.It is made with 100% natural sources which improve the Soil Fertility & productivity.

Nutrigo helps to facilitate to make Chemical Fertilizers available to the plants & also improve soil Fertility.If It is use regularly in field ,it will show the effect in tremendous growth and quality of the produce.

  • Improve soil health and Soil Fertility
  • Improves the availability of nutrients in soil
  • Improves soil aeration and supports roots to grow deep
  • Improves Yield and Quality of the Produce
  • Minimize no of irrigations
  • Make healthy the beneficial Micronutrients in the soil


  • Make available the biofertilizers to the plant by decomposing completely
  • Consist of Bio carbon,Bio Nitrogen,bio Phosphorus,bio and micronutrients

Crops Recommended dose(Kg/acre) Application Time
Seasonal crops:
Paddy, Wheat, Maize, Cotton
5 kg/acre At the time of last harrowing
Horticultutural Crops:
Oranges, Mango, Cashewnut, Sapota, Pomegranate, Grapes
First application:
Second application
At the time of Plantation.
Flowering stage
Veg crops:
Tomato, Chilly, Brinjal, Okra, Onion, Cauliflower, Cabbage Bitter Guard, Cabbage etc
5 kg/acre Apply 8-10 days after Transplanting
Floriculture crops:
Roses,Chrysanthemum, Merrigold, Jasmin, Lawns etc
50 gms/plant
5 kg/acre
Apply 8-10 days after Transplanting
Plantation Crops:
Tea, Coffee, Oilpalm, Coconut etc.
10 kg/acre
250 gms/Tree
After pruning/cutting.
Before flowering.
During soil preparation.