Water Dilutable Mould Release Agent

Water Dilutable Mould Release Agent

Mould release agent water dilutable(MRA-WD) is water dilute able Cutting oil, shuttering oil or mould release agent. The reactive components which are present in it provides a damp proof interface which helps in protecting the mould and ensure right color and good texture for the cast concrete. Additionally for preventing cement adhesion to formwork the releasing agent allows air during the process of placing and vibration of concrete. This will contributes in minimizing the surface blemishes and results remedial cost. It is used mainly because it gives a clear and very easy stripping of formworks and moulds and ensures stain free concrete.


  • It maximizes the life of shuttering includes wood and steel
  • Reduce the chances of imperfections of the surface of concrete
  • Minimizes the effort of cleaning shutters before re using it
  • Gives no stain on concrete
  • It is non hazardous releasing agent which is non toxic as well
  • It is water dilute able and can be used easily
  • Costs low and very economical for use
  • Suits to all types of concrete formworks


Steel 125-180 m2/ 6 liter
Coated Form Ply 290-150 m2/ 6 liter
For untreated wooden surface 75 � 100 m2/ 6 liter


Color Yellow to dark brown color liquid
Dilution 1 Liter of mould release MRA-WD to be mixed with 5 liters of water
Method of Dilution Take a quantity of oil in a container & add same quantity of water in it. Stir it vigorously to form a paste. Then add recommended water to form off white color emulsion.

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