Solvent Dilutable Mould Release Agent

Solvent Dilutable Mould Release Agent

Mould release agent solvent dilutable(MRA-SD) is a dilute able solvent used as shuttering oil or mould release agent. Its main use is to give a fair face to the concrete surface and ensures high quality of concrete it also gives easy stripping to moulds and to formworks as well. It is suitable to use on different kind of moulds and form work.

Every application works perfectly if it is applied well and in particular quantity and in mould releases MRA-SD it matters a lot as well. Before using it still well and then for applying it is compulsory to use spraying tool so that it can spread the liquid evenly to all the required places additionally make sure to ensure that no access amount of liquid will be on surface if so it will leaded to further damage so remove it with the help of cotton. After evenly applying the liquid leave it to dry up completely. Drying time may vary it may take 10 � 15 minutes in hot atmospheric condition while in humid or low temperature it may requires about 1 � 2 hours to dried up completely.

Cleaning:- The sprayer is subsequently required for oil based and solvent products, it is recommended to wash it completely with clean water and allow the sprayer to drain. The used brushes should wash well in clean water after every use.

Coverage:- Coverage rate is completely depends on porosity of formwork material which is going to be used.


Color Yellow to Brown Color liquid
Dilution If you find material little thick to apply then you can mix solvent (Kerosene or Diesel) as required in MOULD RELEASE MRA-SD

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