Mould Release Cellular Lightweight Concrete

Mould Release Cellular Lightweight Concrete

Mould release agent for cement producs(MRA-CP) is a ready to use shuttering oil use to release mold.

Mould release MRA-CP is a blend of some selected oils that are mineral based & chemicals (non hazardous) are specially combine to make such release properties which are better than the conventional mold oil. It is supplied in the form of white liquid which is in spray able state and can use directly. The chemical reactive components which are present in it give water proof interface which contributes in protecting the formwork and ensures quality color and texture of cast concrete. Additionally to prevent cement matrix adhesion to the mould releasing agent allows air during concrete placing.


It is used to give quick, easy and clear stripping of moulds and also ensures good quality and stain-free concrete.

Formwork surfaces:- Mould release MRA-CP is specially designed to use on G.R.P, steel and timber resinous formwork coatings.

Non-staining:- It gives a stain free surface to concrete and safely used with concrete.

Steam curing:- It is effective at different extreme temperatures and can used for the purpose of steam curing at 75 � C.

Cleaning:- It is necessary to clean the brushes with clean water and drain excess water dry it and store in a dry place so that it can be easily re use.


  • It has self mould cleaning property
  • Costs low and very economical for use
  • Non toxic and Non hazardous
  • Can be used for any type of concrete moulds and formworks
  • Give non staining resistance to concrete
  • Minimizes efforts of cleaning shutters before reusing it
  • Reduces the chances of imperfections on the surfaces of concrete
  • Extends the life of shuttering


Steel 20-25 m2/ Per liter
Coated Form Ply 15-20 m2/ Per liter
For untreated wooden surface 12-15 m2/ Per liter


Colour Off white colour liquid
Specific Gravity 1.00 +/- 0.5 g/cc

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