Mould Release Cellular Lightweight Concrete

Mould Release Cellular Lightweight Concrete

Mould release agent cellular lightweight concrte(MRA-CLC) is ready to use mould release agent. It is a blend of few special mineral oils and chemicals which formulated together to make a release property which is very superior to conventional mould oil. It comes in form of white spray able ready to use liquid which can be applied on site directly. It ensures the quality of concrete should be fair-faced and stain free and gives quick and easy stripping as well.


Mould release MRA-CLC is applied with the help of oil sprayer, while using it make sure the nozzle is fitted finely as the surface of concrete requires light and continuous film. If in any circumstances it get over applied it becomes compulsory to remove all the excess part carefully with the help of cotton or sponge. Major attention should be given on coating the rims of mould to avoid the adhesion of cement slurry.

Drying Time:

Freshly applied mould release MRA-CLC can be easily remove when it is in wet condition so it is necessary to remain it undisturbed until it dries up completely. In such climate condition where the climate is hot and dry the drying time may decrease to 10 � 15 minutes but in conditions where temperature is low and humidity is high it may require 1 � 2 hours to dried up completely. The use of warm air blower is recommended to use directly in the adverse drying conditions. Until the place becomes sufficiently durable to bear the foot traffic it is suggest protecting it from rainfall.


Steel 20-25 m2/ Per liter
Coated Form Ply 15-20 m2/ Per liter
For untreated wooden surface 12-15 m2/ Per liter


Colour Off white colour liquid
Specific Gravity 1.00 +/- 0.5 g/cc

Coverage rate is completely depend on porosity of mould material being used.

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