Mould Release Aluminium Shuttering (Mivan Type)

Mould Release Aluminium Shuttering (Mivan Type)

Mould release aluminium shuttering (mivan type) is ready to use kind of releasing agent which is used for formwork and mould. It is mainly used for the purpose of easy and clean stripping for different moulds it also ensure quality concrete which has no stain and it is fair faced and have high quality. With perfect selection and combination of mineral oil and chemical it produces such qualities which are far much superior as compared to conventional mould oil. It can applied by using spay the even coating is necessary if in case at some places the layer become this it is suggested to remove it with the help of cotton or sponge. Drying of releasing agent may vary as per the atmospheric conditions for good to hot temperature it takes 10-15 minutes while in low and highly humid temperature the drying time raises to 1-2 hours.

The releasing agent has a self mould property of cleaning and suitable for using on various varieties of concrete formworks additionally it is of non toxic and non hazardous property. It results no stain on concrete and lower down the efforts of cleaning and imperfections on the surface of concrete. It helps in increasing the lives of shuttering as well.

Formwork surfaces:- Mould release aluminum shuttering oil is designed especially for using with steel, timber, G.R.P also with other resinous mould coatings.

Non-staining:- Gives no stain on the surface of concrete and it can use with white cement.

Steam curing:- It is effective at various temperatures also it can be used for the purpose of steam curing at 75�C.


Steel 20-25 m2/ Per liter
Coated Form Ply 15-20 m2/ Per liter
For untreated wooden surface 12-15 m2/ Per liter


Colour Off white colour liquid
Specific Gravity 1.00 +/- 0.5 g/cc


200 Litre Barrel

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