Road, Canal, Dam Projects

Road, Canal, Dam Projects

We are having following range of products for Road, Canal, Dam Projects

Curing Compound

Curing Compound a set to utilize and the non remaining concrete remedial agent. It enters the exterior to make well the concrete. It is a clear and sprayable water that provides remains free presentation. It is appropriate to make use of in a fit vented area whereas the smell free goods are very necessary that is retrofit building, chimneys and tunnels. It may be easily applied to both the horizontal and vertical surfaces. Cure compound is a wet soluble treat that enters the concrete exterior and foliage a remains outside free to the following toppings, terrazzo, concrete, tiles, paints, epoxies and other toppings.

Mould Release Agents

The manufacturing of the mould release agent is environmentally very safe and effective one. And the economic process of mold release agent is very effective one. The coating and the mold release agent have the latest technology on it. All are based on the PTFE, Fluoric Chemical and the resin base formulation. This is giving higher performance when compared to the other release agents. It is particularly used to design the all kinds of rubbers, composites, plastics, concrete, veneers, stones, wood fiber and the polyurethane part. It is very suitable for a diversity of molding process.


The admixture is the concrete which is used in the chemical field with the cement mixture purpose. This admixture part is used in a variety of parts such as genetic, hybrid, racial, concrete and the mixture. All those are the process in the chemical field only. In genetic approach, find the isolated species. Adding of two different chemicals to produce the substance without any chemical occurrence. These admixture substances are used to make the products like cement. It will be used to change the characteristics of the hardened concrete. These substances are varied depends on the factors such as slump, air and the mixing time.