Cellular Lightweight Concrete Industry

Cellular Lightweight Concrete Industry

We are having following range of products for CLC Industry

Foaming Agent

The foaming agent is generally defined as the materials which are facilitated configuration of the foam, which is present in the minute amounts. The main use of the foaming agent is to reduce the exterior tension of the liquid in the concrete. That is it avoids the works to create any type of the foam. Otherwise, we say it is increasing its colloidal constancy of the bubbles. This is mainly involved in the concrete cement. It has the standard and high quality of the performance. That is used to devise the agents. The feature of the foaming agent is it has the precise composition. More details visit Addage CLC FA .

Mould Release Agents

The manufacturing of the mould release agent is environmentally very safe and effective one. And the economic process of mold release agent is very effective one. The coating and the mold release agent have the latest technology on it. All are based on the PTFE, Fluoric Chemical and the resin base formulation. This is giving higher performance when compared to the other release agents. It is particularly used to design the all kinds of rubbers, composites, plastics, concrete, veneers, stones, wood fiber and the polyurethane part. It is very suitable for a diversity of molding process.


The Hardner is defined as the one of the organic compounds. This is provided by the professional team. That can be rewarded into dependable salespersons. And this organic compound has the high standard efficient in the process of creating another kind of substances due to this capacity of consolidating and it has the property of extremely stable. The clients also expect this kind of compound. It is the well renowned firm. The customers also want this, in the original state. After that it can use in the permutation to the formaldehyde. The scope of the process is to provide the melamine resin.

Soluble Oils

The Soluble oils are used to fine the metal working liquids absorption. It contains the Maximum amount of oil only. If you mixed this oil into the water, it will form like a liquid. That will be appearing with the character of milky. These combinations are mainly used to make the lubricants only. These lubricants are used in mechanical work and these are applied to the tools, like scissors, machine, and iron equipment to elapse the material or to reduce the corrosion in that material. It will protect the material from the corrosion. Naphthenic is used to make these lubricants. Because, the naphthenic is the chemical substance naturally it has the quality of reducing the corrosion.