Mivan Shuttering

Mivan Shuttering

Mivan Shuttering is a quality aluminum structure created by the famous European construction company. The renowned Mivan company in Malaysia began to create these sort of framework systems from the year 1990 and till now it is been widely used in construction works. Almost thirty thousand square meter of framework has been developed from the Mivan Company all over the world. Most of the buildings in Mumbai have been efficiently constructed with the aid of Mivan system only and it is proven to be both satisfactory and economical in the construction environment. For example, the architectural structure xrbia makes use of Mivan technology in order to gain its dream house for each and every Indian. Later on, the technology has been widespread all over Gulf countries, Asia, Europe as well as to various part of the globe.

What for Mivan technology is used?

Mivan technology is preferred for constructing huge number of houses in limited period of time without hassle. These technologies also make use of room size structures to construct slabs and walls in the manner of one continuous pour. This kind of formwork construction involves cast monolithic floor slabs and cast-in-situ solid walls to offer constructional work in the way of one continuous pour. With the intention of achieving rapid construction work, Mivan technology is widely used and hence it is also used for removing forms through curing compounds or hot air curing. To your surprise, mivan shuttering has also been invented to offer utmost safety to your construction works. The Mivan technology permits shuttering for both slabs and columns in construction. Walls of huge room size as well as floor slabs are made upright through this kind of Mivan shuttering. They are extremely sturdy and strong forms and are constructed with utmost accuracy plus it is easy to manage. Additionally, the concrete is created under harsh quality control in RMC batching plants and then it is transferred to the site with the aid of transit mixers.

Prime advantage of Mivan shuttering:

The frames for doors, ducts and windows for services are positioned in the proper way prior to concreting. Fa?ade, chajjas, panels, jails and staircase lights etc as well as various pre-fabricated products are also included into the structure. The Mivan shuttering seems to be highly beneficial compared to other state of the art construction strategies. Top quality Mivan shuttering panels assure consistency in all dimensions. When removing the formwork, you are supposed to get top notch concrete finish with verticality and accurate tolerances. Thus, the high tolerance finish indicates that there is no need for additional plastering as well.

Uses behind Mivan formwork:

  • Involves 3S scheme of construction to provide strength, safety and speed.
  • Bean construction and column are eradicated.
  • Slabs and walls are easily cast in one continuous operation.
  • Performing concerting of slabs and walls in simultaneous way.
  • Erecting and fitting the part of shuttering.
  • Easy to operate, specially designed with aluminum forms.

Benefits of Mivan formwork:

  • Extensive durability.
  • Massive carpet area.
  • Faster completion.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Good quality construction work.

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