De Shuttering Oil

De Shuttering Oil

Mold release De Shuttering Oil(DSO) is water based mould releasing agent which gives clean, quick and very quick stripping of formwork also it ensures stain free high quality concrete.

DSO is basically supplied as white liquid which is in spray able form and ready to use as direct application on required places. The reactive component of DSO gives a damp proof interface that protects mould and ensures even texture and color for the cast concrete. For preventing the adhesion of cement to mold, it allows air to scarper from interface during the process of concrete placing and its vibration. It will minimize the blemishes of surface and results a reduction in the remedial costs.


  • Costs low and economical to use
  • Water dilute-able
  • It is non toxic and non hazardous
  • DSO is feasible for all types of concrete formworks
  • Results non staining
  • Minimizes the cleaning efforts before re using of shutters
  • Helps in reducing the imperfections of concrete surfaces
  • It Extends the life wood and steel shuttering

It can be easily applied by brush or mould oil sprayer. In case of using mould oil sprayer it should be necessary to check that fine nozzle is fit in it because mould release DSO should applied in light film, if it is over applied the excess material should drain and then remove it with sponge from bottom of mould. Pools of mould release DSO cannot be allow getting dry if so it causes surface retardation of concrete.


Steel 125-180 m2/ 6 liter
Coated Form Ply 290-150 m2/ 6 liter
For untreated wooden surface 75 � 100 m2/ 6 liter


Colour Amber color liquid
Specific Gravity 0.85+/- 0.5 g/cc
Dilution 1 Liter of mould release DSO to be mixed with 5 liter of water

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