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Curing Compound

Curing compound is such construction chemical which are use to seal the surface of fresh concrete and prevent the newly placed layer with rapid loss of moisture. It consists of liquids which has film-forming polymers and metallic/non-metallic kind of materials. The chemical is white-colored liquid which sprayed on concrete layer after 2-3 hours or when the surface is settle down completely and the upper layer dried a bit. After spraying a thin layer of curing compound you dont have to visit the place continuously it is only one time process which doesnt require any kind of further care or reapplying the chemical. As water curing requires continuous visits and efforts and it is a long time process which is supposed to be repeated for 24-28 days continuously. So prefer the use of chemical compounds instead of water for curing as it save your time and worker expense as well. By using curing compound you are contributing to nature as well because you are avoiding water curing which consumes gallons of water in the process of curing. You are saving huge amount of water so you are contributing a lot for saving natural resources. So always prefer curing compound while performing the process of curing for concrete or cement surfaces.

ADDAGE CURING COMPOUND: This is completely water based curing compound which is used for concrete curing that is totally based on low viscosity of wax emulsion. This chemical is supplied as white emulsion which creates a fine film after drying. When the application is applied initially to fresh surface of cement the emulsion breaks and forms a white coating which is continuous and non-penetrating. Due to created film it ensures efficient hydration of cement, provides a barrier against moisture loss also it improves the durability and reduce the possibility of shrinkage.


For effective curing and to retain the moisture in concrete apply membrane though spray/brush. It is suitable for all types of general applications related to concrete and gives benefit for large concrete surfaces. Such as bridgeworks, runways of airport and roads etc.


  • Improved technique of concrete curing enhances the hydration of cement and also provides more durable concrete.
  • Due to control of moisture loss the surface quality improves, producing hard wearing, reducing permeability and gives dust free surface.
  • Reduces the chances of shrinkage and surface cracking and by eliminating the moisture loss of surface.
  • It is totally non-toxic and water based therefore it is non-flammable.
  • As the application can easily applied through spray it reduces the cost of labor and also eliminates the further need of curing.
  • It causes a rapid formation of film.


Appearance White Color Liquid
Specific Gravity at 30C 1.75
Application Temperature 5 C to 45C
Drying Time Approx 2 hrs at 30C


Usage of ADDAGE CURING COMPOUND is simple yet easy to use; all you need is a spray to apply the chemical on fresh surface of concrete, just after the concrete surface get free from water. It is necessary that the nozzle spray is of 450mm away from the surface. The pressure of pump should be maintained throughout the applying process. Make sure that the film is formed evenly on the fresh surface and it should not be broken in any manner. It would be more beneficial if you repeat the application twice on surface so that it makes a strong film on surface to maintain inside moisture and gives desired strength. If you suppose to place any further layer on concrete it is necessary to remove the curing film from surface for this you can use normal detergent with the help of this you can remove the curing film and the surface is ready to place further layer on it.

Standards Compliance:- ADDAGE CURING COMPOUND conforms to ASTM - C 156, ASTM - C 309 - 07, TYPE - 2.

COVERAGE:- 3.5 to 5 m/Kg PACKING :- 215 Kg

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