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Addage CLC FA - Foaming Agent

Foaming Agent for Light Weight Concrete

The FA is standing for the foaming agent. It is a highly concerted, and it is highly well-organized liquid. We produce the foaming agent; our main scope of the foaming agent is to provide the frolicsome concrete. The special benefits of our foaming agent are the cost of our concrete is very low when compared to others. We provide the low utilization rate of the solid. And we provide the outstanding stability in excess of the broad assortment of the temperature and the quality of the water.

The stability means that the bubbles foaming themselves. And this is also supported the mortar. Our quality of the bubbles is very strong, it is not easily burst. Our concrete is also not to be easily collapsed with the other compounds. This is also highly efficient to use. It has the stupendous strength and it has the properties of thermal insulation and more flexible. The uses and advantages of our foaming agent is when we processed by the generator of the foam, the FA is used to create the stiff in a water. This is increase with white foam at 20 to 25 times in a volume. Here there is no foam crumple. The foam can easily fit in with the mortar mix CLC FA concrete, even by using the chill water. Our main place in the concrete, cement is it is used in all the Portland of cement.

The cost is also less only. And the sand cements, this is used to produce the foamed concrete for the each and every application. The concrete is very tiny, that is about 1 to 3%. The next plus point in our concrete, cement is it is free from harmful. If you take any other concrete, cement, this is very dirty and has the harmful. But our foaming agent, cement is better and has a longer life than other kind of the cement. The rate of Dosage of pouring concrete, cement is 0.8 to 1 liters per m3. This is used in the many of the places in the constructing building.

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